NEW BOOK See Life – Paintings Inspired By Life In The Sea


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Paintings inspired by life in the sea


In this beautifully designed book painter Giles Ward’s passion for ‘life in the sea’ dives out of the page. Featuring many of Giles’ most popular paintings in vibrant colour, he pairs his favourite fish and shellfish with fascinating facts about each of them.

As one of the country’s leading sea life painters Giles is renowned for examining the intricate details, patterns and shifting colours of his subjects. This book is not only a stunning feast for the eyes, but food for thought about the lives of many of the intriguing creatures living in the waters that surround us.


• Beautifully Designed

• 30 Full Colour Illustrations

• Fascinating facts about 19 different species of fish and shellfish

• Laminated Softcover: 52 Pages

• Dimensions: 230mm x 230mm