ST100: The Taxidermist by Daniel Soule

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STR - Sketch 100 col

Welcome to The SHORT TALE 100

100 words long. Not a word more, not a word less.





The Taxidermist by Daniel Soule

Trapped in tenebrous light, dust fairies played tricks on her eyes.

Animals multitude are imprisoned in cabinets, trapped on shelves, dangling from strings. Frogs, newts, badgers, weasels, owls and eagles. Dogs, cats, rats, spiders and flies, none able to catch the other.

Life ensnared eternal, she thinks, but not quite.

However lustrous their fur, silky their feathers, dynamic their pose, all failed the experiment. Glassy eyes betrayed death; life uncaptured.

She sees her hand poised gesturing (unmoving). Her heart races, eyes dart, but movement is impossible. She: his final experiment, his ultimate success. Life ensnared, forever frozen, except her eyes.

The SHORT TALE 100 – MAY 2017

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