ST100: Final Freedom by Bill Diamond

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STR - Sketch 100 col

Welcome to The SHORT TALE 100

100 words long. Not a word more, not a word less.




Final Freedom by Bill Diamond

On the bridge ledge, Beth relished the sun and her temporary clarity.  Her feet dangled above the welcoming and nonjudgmental amber waves.  No more moral torments or doubts.  She savored being blessed with this freedom of choice to avoid becoming a sad burden.

Beth took the fog bank on the near horizon as a heaven-sent affirmation of her decision.  It had momentarily retreated, like her mental darkness.  Both would soon return, cold and disorienting, bringing a doomed drift into no longer her.  The cruel hangman’s slow gallows.  Serene, Beth slid forward and embraced a dignified end over a mindless life.

The SHORT TALE 100 – MARCH 2017

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