ST100: My Hope by Tyrean Martinson

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Welcome to The SHORT TALE 100

100 words long. Not a word more, not a word less.





My Hope by Tyrean Martinson

My daughter notices my books. “Armchair traveling again?”

“This time, I have an itinerary.”

“Oh. I thought … you had given up that dream.”

“Never. I want to see the sun set on new horizons.”

“I thought they didn’t take anyone past prime.”

“It turns out they want a little wisdom for the generations to come.”

She snorts, then sobers. “Will I never see you again?”

“You could come with me.”

She stares at the glowering ash-filled sunset. “Do you think they’ll take me?”

“I may have overstepped, but I asked already.”

She smiles.

I have hope for us again.

The SHORT TALE 100 – MARCH 2017

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