The Price of Everything by Giles Ward

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Published by Impress Books ISBN: 9780955623929

By Giles Ward



Humming the familiar strains of Erik Satie’s Gnossienne No.1 to himself, renowned film composer Jocelyn Thwaite steps in front of the 01.59 Paddington Express.

As the only witness, Danny Lunt grabs the opportunity to live the life that the dead man no longer wants and that he always thought he deserved – if only he’d had the money.

Told along the timeline preceding and following Jocelyn’s death, The Price of Everything weaves the lives of these two men together and asks the age-old question: Is the grass really any greener…?


Published with a CD of Erik Satie’s piano works performed by Klara Koermendi

1. Gnossiennes no.1

2. Gnossiennes no.2

3. Gnossiennes no.3

4. Petite Ouverture a Danser

5. Premiere Pensee Rose-Croix

6. Gymnopedies no.1

7. Gymnopedies no.2

8. Gymnopedies no.3

9. Pieces Froides (d’une maniere tres particuliere)

10. Vexations

Satie devised a style of music he referred to as ‘furniture’ music – music to be played as a background to some other activity. His first attempts to perform his furniture music were an unqualified failure. Now music as a backdrop to every day life – in restaurants and bars – is common place. Satie understood how music could be an accompaniment to create ambience and mood – like when reading a book, for example.


ISBN: 9780955623929
Dimensions: 139 mm x 215 mm
Pages: 179
Format: Paperback
Price: £10.99

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