ST100: Learning To Spell by Olivia Hope

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STR - Sketch 100 col

Welcome to The SHORT TALE 100

100 words long. Not a word more, not a word less.




Learning To Spell by Olivia Hope

There are names in my reader for homework – Tim, Dan, Nora, Bernadette.
I read and write them easily.
The next day the teacher doesn’t ask us to write, instead she calls our name and we must spell out loud.
“Please not Bernadette,” I repeat to myself quietly.
She asks me that word.
I can read and write it. Her voice raises as I stand silent.
Letters are roughly scrawled on a blackboard, dust flying.
I am dragged up. Clasping my ponytail, she bangs my head off each letter, so the word will stick.
But I know how to spell it.

The SHORT TALE 100 – AUGUST 2016


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