ST100: Lying Is No Accident by Giles Ward

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Welcome to The SHORT TALE 100

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Lying Is No Accident by Giles Ward

Lying is no accident. We choose to lie. Lying is – to use the Duty Solicitor’s bullshit-blabber – premeditated. Things happen or they don’t. I don’t lie.

No tepid tea will change that. And they can play their head-games and mumble their gag-rending spittle as much as they like. And they can look for reasons. And pretend to tip their ears to listen. But they won’t hear anything.

They’re lying: They DO NOT understand.

And that lying, that’s no accident – that’s premeditated.

So I won’t play. I won’t lie.

“So, since you ask, no – it wasn’t an accident.”

The SHORT TALE 100 – AUGUST 2016

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