The SIX-WORD Story

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Can you tell a story in six words? That’s a challenge creative writers have set themselves and others for many years. Also described as six-word novels they are considered the most extreme form of Flash Fiction. Reputedly one of the very first was Hemingway’s:


“For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”


However according to Wikipedia; ‘Although it is often attributed to Ernest Hemingway the link to him is unsubstantiated and similarly titled stories predate him.’


Currently web-based short story promoters ‘The Story Story’ ( run a weekly competition to capture these snappy snippets of novelistic wonder. You can join the fun on twitter using the hashtag #6ww


Here’s a few of my attempts so far:

        Dark glasses at funeral hide laughing

        John practices golf, Sheila practices infidelity

        Lawnmowing: another inch off the soul

        Ill-advised humour leaves bedsheets cooling

        Shame fungi guide had missing pages

        Oscar wonders at owner’s long sleep

        Drowning slowly he waved silently goodbye

        Commuter daydream curtailed by wedding band

        Support shut down shame brain hadn’t

        Cold night, no duvet, but you


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