STR: No Corners by A. Joseph Black

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No Corners – A. Joseph Black

This story initially appeared in The Incubator, the preeminent Belfast literary magazine, and described by the author as a good old-fashioned fireside yarn.


“Here is the tale of a lighthouse keeper and the stories he spins for his grandson. Using the familiar story within a story device to winsome effect, the narrator takes a step back to let Eddie tell his tale. This is a clever ploy and ensures the reader is given permission to believe the outlandish nature of his tales: There’s nothing so charming as an old boy spinning his yarn. So, the tale Eddie tells is the surreal account of the unfolding events of what happens from the moment he stumbles upon the body of a dead turtle. As implausible as Eddie’s story is he tells it with a wry smirk that leaves both his grandson, and us, guessing what is real and what isn’t.”

The SHORT TALE Review 2016

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