Spill Review: Top 5 Books For Escaping Revision

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Featured on Jess Stenson’s entertaining READ WITH JESS blog-site Spill is the ideal book to distract you from your exams – apparently!

For a few lucky students out there exams are already over (not meaning to brag) and the summer is an open haven of reading, reading and (you guessed it) more reading. For the past few weeks of heavy revision I’ve been trying to balance reading for my degree with reading for fun – believe me, there’s a distinct difference. After spending many hours re-reading Shakespeare during the day, I wanted to settle down in the evening with some light, enjoyable reading that would whisk me away out of the world of revision and exams. So, to share a little bit of escapism, here are my top five books for escaping revision…


3. Spill by Giles Ward

This collection of short stories is hilarious and satisfying. Even if you only have time to dip into one story, it’s a great way to take your mind of everything bogging you down and laugh a little. I loved how realistic the characters were and how easily I could picture everything, truly taking me away from my studies.


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ISBN: 9781907605802

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“Spill was a unique collection of funny, dark and twisted stories that aren’t like any others I’ve come across before.”

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