NEW Short Story: No Harm Done by Giles Ward

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The short stories I’ve written to date have varied in length, but are typically 2,000 to 3,000 words in length. The Hokum* series are longer averaging around 5,000 words in length. So, here is a story attempting to master the art of brevity. It is one of a series I have written over the last 12 months tapping into the trend for shorter, ‘flash’ fiction. Masters of the genre include Amy Hempel and Lydia Davis (check her out here).

Others I’ve written in this series are: ‘Slide’, ‘His New Glasses’ and ‘Job’.


Read ‘No Harm Done’ by Giles Ward here:


I was seventeen when I applied for the job. I lied on the application form. It was a lie that came easily to me. Lies, I find, sit in the mind like crocus bulbs beneath the compost. Nobody knows they are there unless someone starts digging. Told with skill they can flower to be whatever you need them to be. I’ve invented more lies than anybody knows. And I’ve forgotten most of those. So, no harm done. A crime in the mind is not a crime. Is it? CONTINUE

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