STR: A Place of Love by Anna Nazarova-Evans

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A Place of Love – Anna Nazarova-Evans

Anna has had a number of short stories published in publications like Spelk Magazine, TSS Short Story and Firefly Magazine.


“The funeral of an old man in a small Ukrainian town brings back his son and in doing so re-ignites the feelings of the townsfolk he left behind. Not least is Dasha, whose unresolved love has left her longing for his return. It is not only a longing for him, but also for their shared lost past and long-hoped-for future. Her Aunt is quick to warn Dasha that the returning Bogdan is no longer the person she thinks he is.

This is a tale with complex themes running through it – the longing for a future as yet unrealised and the loss of hope – that feel like they deserve deeper exploration. After opening on the funeral much of the story is revealed through dialogue, a device that at times feels a little rushed. There is a lot to be explained and the reader isn’t given much time to discover the protagonists’ motivations for themselves. That said, the premise of the story is both powerful and engaging, ultimately leaving us wanting to linger a little longer amongst these characters’ lives.”

The SHORT TALE Review 2016

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