STR: Beach Glass Blues by Sara Codair

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Beach Glass Blues – Sara Codair

This story was first published in SickLit Magazine. You can find more of Sara’s writings at

Beach Glass Blues – by SARA CODAIR

“As an ‘adult’ story about the world of mermaids, mermen and merfolk this could be, let’s be quite honest, a bit silly and childish in the wrong hands. Even more so when used as a device to question sexual politics. Thankfully Sara Codair is an adept enough storyteller to navigate us through these potential pitfalls.

Rather than being a one-dimensional story of a mermaid finding her place amongst her people (fish) this is an exploration of independence and growth universal in nature. Adding to the pace of the story is a cut-away to a human world told through the things – in this case broken glass – people have left behind. It is a sub-story that merits further exploration and there is a sense that we could have learned more about these characters and ultimately the motivations behind the consequences of their actions.

You can almost smell the brine. This story would be wonderful to read next time you are sat beside limpet-encrusted rock pools spying at the sun through a shard of discarded salt-sea worn glass.”

The SHORT TALE Review 2016

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