STR: Goodbye Baba by Sana Arshad

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Goodbye Baba – Sana Arshad


“This is the touching tale of Zee leaving behind his home, his past and his family’s faithful employee Baba Khan. We don’t know why he’s having to leave, where he’s going or what has happened to all the other residents of the home that we learn once lived there. And we don’t need to – that is the magic of this little story – we are left to fill in the gaps and finish the story the way we want. Often short stories try to cram far too much of the story in and leave us with very little opportunity to use our imagination. Less is definitely more in this case.

This is a sensitively written tale, the pace quietly confident and self-assured, with touching, simple observations throughout; ‘His street was slowly coming back to life after the quiet of the night.’ However, a small note of criticism might be in the consistency. In the very first line we are told; ‘Reluctantly, he handed over the key.’ Only to be informed moments later that ‘He locked the door for the last time turning the big steel key in the heavy iron lock.’ The magic key (pun intended) to a short story can often be found the smallest details.”

The SHORT TALE Review 2016

6/10 *STRs

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