STR: At the Corner of the Garden Wall by Megan O’Russell

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At the Corner of the Garden Wall – Megan O’Russell

This story was included in the Athena’s Daughters 2 anthology, released by Silence in the Library Publishing. It is set in the world of The Tethering series, also from Silence in the Library Publishing.


“In this fun short story we are led by a young girl, Claire, to a fairy kingdom hidden at the bottom of the garden. Claire is a witch with access to an online wizard world (great idea), pink cat, protective ring and magical spells she can use on a whim. So far, so fantasy world.

A disclaimer: This isn’t my genre. My knowledge doesn’t extend much further than a certain Mr. Potter and his travails, alongside a smattering of Hobbit action. But a story is a story and the reveal, pace and need to capture and hold an audience’s attention holds true whether it’s classified science fiction, steam punk or erotic romance. So, what we have here is a tale full of charm, a dash of mischievous humour and a great flow. Combining dialogue and description to good effect the reader is drawn into this fantasy world.

The tale is apparently part of a larger work and that might help the reader understand more about the world they are being pulled into. Within only a few pages we are thrown a lot of ideas – the home Claire lives in, the Latin spells, the fairy kingdom itself – it’s a lot to make sense of and maybe we need a little more time to familiarise ourselves with the setting: A little more description of the normal world Claire comes from, the mundane, might help highlight the surreal.

This is a fun and engaging tale that wants to take us by the hand and lead us further into this magical garden full of fantastical characters.”

The SHORT TALE Review 2016

6.5/10 *STRs

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