Hokum* A New Tale

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Just when I thought I had finished the collection of mischievously dark short stories Hokum*, from nowhere comes a new tale that just won’t leave my head. ‘When Carpies Caw’ is the tale of painter A.A. Tuttle’s lifelong toil to get his work in the Salon’s annual Grand Art Display. Ah, the lengths an artist will go to for some recognition… damn those confounded carping critics…


It was supposed to be a collection of eight tales. Now it’s nine, which is a terrible number. Will I have to write a tenth?




As yet unpublished – and apparently unfinished. Who knew?


Hokum by Giles Ward

Hokum* is a collection of weird and wonderful tales that evoke the spirit of Poe, the menace of Grimm and the mischief of Carroll. Timeless and placeless these stories are a darkly painted take on the human psyche. Here you will meet memorable characters like; Fingle, the penny-pinching fishmonger, vengeful Emily and the twisted marionette Dolt; the dying Earl, the very bad Good Doctor and his doting fiancé, the Right Honourable Lord High Sheriff and his bulging bag of fingers and Micklewhite, who bless, may not all be there.


  1. First the Madness  MADNESS ©GILESWARD
  1. Fingle’s Freakish Devils of the Deep
  1. Time Mending
  1. The Dead Nest
  1. Dolt
  1. New Broom
  1. Regarding the Good Doctor
  1. Molly’s Encyclopedia of Useful Facts

 (9. When Carpies Caw)


Hokum by Giles Ward


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