The Dream Chair (sample – chapter 1)

The Dream Chair (sample – chapter 1)

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The Dream Chair is a novella first written over ten years ago and then, after much chin scratching, radically re-written in 2008. This is the first chapter ‘Orange Juice With Bits In’ and is free to download. Let me know what you think.







  1. Orange Juice With Bits In
  2. Ri•dic•u•lous
  3. Lemon Soufflé
  4. Carl Jung’s Wet Dream
  5. All Aboard The Skylark
  6. The Fat On The Barbecue Grill
  7. It’s Just Roadkill, Grandpappy
  8. Oh, Wish I’d Thought Of That
  9. If You Don’t Have A Dream, How You Gonna Have A Dream Come True?
  10. Ring A Ring O’Roses, A Pocketful of Posies, Atishoo! Atishoo!
  11. $$$
  12. Captain Cook Speared By The Natives 
  13. Some Assembly May Be Required
  14. Reap What You Sow
  15. The Guy Who Pulls The Trigger
  16. America Isn’t The Only Country In The World You Know
  17. More Please
  18. Twat
  19. You Greedy Boy, Put That Back
  20. It’s A Long Way Down
  21. The Donkey Ride
  22. Bugger Me, Is That How It Ends?


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