Spill-ed (the stories behind the stories) No.5

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Released in December, Spill is a collection of stories that range from the heart-warming to the bizarre and downright macabre. Number 5: Sidmouth


She moved to Sidmouth because HE liked the idea of living out his days staring at the sea:

“He wondered at the magic of the clouds drifting aside to let the sun momentarily colour the water’s surface, or at a squall of swooping seagulls ripping apart the entrails discarded by a mooring fishing boat. He found wonder in every lift and fall of the water, every bob of a boat. Rose joked that he should have been born with flippers. He humoured her with a thin, knowing smile.

Are you sure, Rose? Her sister had asked. It’s so far away.”




To be published December 1st 2015 by Watchword ebooks

ISBN: 9781907605802

Format: eBook

Price: £2.99


“A small glass bottle is filled with thick, yellowing liquid – something like melted butter. In amongst the clouding viscous, a jellied hand pushes from the inside. The fingers spread like an accidental spill.”

This short story compilation ranges from heart-warming comedies to disturbing ruminations on existence, from the bizarre to the downright macabre. Visit weird and wonderful preserved exhibits in a dusty old museum, immerse yourself in the conversation at a dinner party, or step foot into Dr Grost’s office. This remarkably eccentric, thirteen-story collection, introduces a huge variety of richly written characters that showcase Ward’s trademark twisted sense of humour.


  1. Shelf Life
  1. 4’33”
  1. Super Important
  1. X-Factor
  1. Sidmouth
  1. That Delivery Guy
  1. Kind Things for Random Strangers: An Experiment
  1. Thaw
  1. If People Feel What People See
  1. The Diagnosis
  1. Toothpaste
  1. Things That Have Been
  1. I Like Small Rooms



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