Butter Ice No Sponge (a new story)

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Martin is new to the charity, bringing with him a Devil-may-care attitude to enthusiasm and Cake Sales. He doesn’t understand how we do things. Still, he’ll find out soon enough.


“Lemon drizzle, Coffee and Walnut, Victoria, Battenberg, a few butterflies, chocolate crispies for the kiddies, that sort of thing. Nothing fancy. That’s the secret to a successful charity Cake Sale. People don’t want experimental or worthy. No croquembouche or dacquoise. No courgette or beetroot. No gluten-substitute, vegan-friendly, taste-free sawdust cake. Carrot at a push. Our customer base is traditional, they can still taste rationing. They want something soft with jam in that they can sieve through their unpredictable molars.”








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