Spill-ed (the stories behind the stories) No.2

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Released in December, Spill is a collection of stories that range from the heart-warming to the bizarre and downright macabre. Number 2: If People Feel What People See.


“What do people who see me, feel for me? It might be meaningless sympathy, blatant antagonism or, my preferred, carefully considered antipathy. I’m long beyond caring.”

This is the tale of two marginalised characters, a busking violinist and the small boy who watches her every day after school from outside the corner shop as he waits for his mum and, how over time a mutual, yet silent, understanding passes between them.

“I feel like a pair of eyes floating in the dark. I can see but can’t be seen. I can be free to be me. I like waiting here. I extend my fingers to hold onto the edge of the window frame. I make up rhythms to the music. No one sees my hands move. They are ninja fingers.”


Blank bookcover with clipping path

To be published December 1st 2015 by Watchword ebooks

ISBN: 9781907605802

Format: eBook

Price: £2.99


“A small glass bottle is filled with thick, yellowing liquid – something like melted butter. In amongst the clouding viscous, a jellied hand pushes from the inside. The fingers spread like an accidental spill.”

This short story compilation ranges from heart-warming comedies to disturbing ruminations on existence, from the bizarre to the downright macabre. Visit weird and wonderful preserved exhibits in a dusty old museum, immerse yourself in the conversation at a dinner party, or step foot into Dr Grost’s office. This remarkably eccentric, thirteen-story collection, introduces a huge variety of richly written characters that showcase Ward’s trademark twisted sense of humour.


  1. Shelf Life
  1. 4’33”
  1. Super Important
  1. X-Factor
  1. Sidmouth
  1. That Delivery Guy
  1. Kind Things for Random Strangers: An Experiment
  1. Thaw
  1. If People Feel What People See
  1. The Diagnosis
  1. Toothpaste
  1. Things That Have Been
  1. I Like Small Rooms



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