Spill-ed (the stories behind the stories) No.1

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Released in December, Spill is a collection of stories that range from the heart-warming to the bizarre and downright macabre.  Number 1: Shelf Life.


Written in 2013, Shelf Life is a short book about a book. Opening in May 1949, when two young lovers steal the book, it tells the journey an anonymous paperback takes from hand to hand and from home to home until it turns up where it turns up over sixty years later.

Inspired by my own passion for second hand books and as much the mystery of the book itself as the contents within, Shelf Life was written as a little bit of fun imagining the many and varied lives a book of age might pass through.





Spill (some stories)

To be published December 1st 2015 by Watchword ebooks

ISBN: 9781907605802

Format: eBook

Price: £2.99



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