About Time (working notes)

About Time (working notes)

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Several of the stories in the collection About Time feature READY-WRITES, in other words ‘found’ writing that I’ve appropriated for the purposes of the story. ‘Thank You For The Lovely Stay’ borrows the entries from a Visitor’s Book that I found on a visit to a campsite in the Brecon Beacons. I’ve tried to be as faithful to the original ‘authors’ as possible, keeping their grammar, syntax and spelling and only mischievously adding to their entries where I really needed to let the story work.

An example:


Had a lovely stay in the lodge with my father & daughter. The weather has been very kind to us & we have been able to visit lots of lovely places. We have especially liked watching the baby rabbits running around outside the lodge, my daughter has taken a thousand photo’s of them! We have had upset recently and it was good to get away with Isla. She has enjoied being spoiled by the warden who couldn’t do enough to help look after her.

If I was finding a negative it would be the chus cushions on the dining table chairs that have come unattached & the vynal edges on the table which is peeling. Also the towel holder in the toilet is not on the wall, we found it behind the sink pedestal!

These are only minor things & did not distract from our stay. Thank-You for having us, we look forward to a return visit.

Louise, Gordon & Isla


In the story ‘One Night in July’ I discovered a rich vein of inspiration on a football blog page discussing the current plight of the refugees throughout Europe. Again I worked as an editor to tell the story through the blog entries of several participants discussing the issue. In many cases all I changed was the name and the time… the comments were all theirs!

Comments such as:


Posted Wednesday 29th Jul 2015 21:52

re: ‘Callais’

What i dont get is most if not all of these refugee’s come from countries that hate the UK,the first thing you see on TV is nationals of those countries burning union jacks etc etc,yet we are the place where they want to escape to. Tell them our streets aren’t paved with gold and put up the ‘house full’ sign.


Thank you all the writers involved!

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